Architects’ competition – One day I shall be an architect!

Team Competition
2:15 pm - 3:15 pm

Architecture is the beginning of every house. Come and test your skills as an architect!

Task: You have to build a pavilion from 3 rectangles and grillmatches which will be placed on a footing of 30×30. Every contestant gets to carve out their own pieces- cut out the rectangles from cardboard, use as many matches as they wish and glue it all together with a gluegun. The surfaces (roof, floor, wall) do not have to be connected to each other.
All the materials are given to you when the competition begins. You will have 90 minutes to build the pavilion.

The jury will evaluate: originality of the idea, cleverness of the solution, balance of the composition, the wholeness of the outcome.

Come and build and you will get feedback from the best of their field! The best will be awarded!