BIM Competition “BIM IT”

Team Competition
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

It is the year 2080 and the sea level has risen by 30 meters. Due to this problem the state area of Estonia is only 15 000 km2, of which less than 50% is suitable for construction. On the other hand, the population of Estonia has risen to 5 million. Such conditions have created a great lack of space, which means that construction also takes place underground, in the air and under water in addition to the ground surface. Fossil fuels have run out on the Earth and mankind can use only renewable energy. Therefore it is extremely important that all new buildings are as energy efficient as possible. Climatic conditions on the territory of Estonia are the same as nowadays.

The living standards haven’t changed – people still need fresh air, a lot of daylight, spacious living quarters and freedom of movement. The cost of construction is also important for the customers.

Teams participating in the competition have to design an energy efficient block of flats at minimal cost on the territory of Estonia in 2080.

  • There can be 1 – 3 members (students) in one team
  • The detailed initial task will be published to the registered teams on April 4th.
  • Entry submission deadline is April 23rd of April at 23:59. The entry should be sent to the organizers at
  • Your work has to be sent as a BIM model in the original version of the software used for the work and in the *.ifc file format. You do not have to send any sections, layouts or views in addition to the model.
  • The jury will score on the basis of:
    • Usage of BIM-modelling (up to 30% of the final score). Here are considered the accuracy of the modelling, techniques used and the organisation of the model.
    • Innovation and architectural design (up to 30% of the final score).
    • Presentation of your idea and solution during the competition day on April 26th (up to 10% of the final score).
    • The solution of two additional tasks (up to 15% + 15% of the final score).The additional tasks will be given to the teams on the competition day April 26th. All teams will be given tips how to solve the problems quickly and efficiently.
  • If two or more teams score an equal amount of points the chairperson of the jury’s opinion will count.

The best team will be awarded by Tekla Corporation! Hurry, because the participation is limited to 10 teams!