Charming Shadow

Team Competition
11:15 am - 12:45 pm

Too much sun shining in from the windows? Do you always keep the curtains closed in order to work with the computer? If the answer is yes, come and test yourself and learn more about how simple facade design elements can make working indoors more comfortable.

Teams consist of 2 members and the contest is held in English! During the first 30 minutes an introductonary lecture is held, which is illustrated with the heliodon stand. The main purpose of the competition is to find the best methods for shielding the building in 60 minutes. Each team will be given a model of a house, cardboard, tape and scissors.

Themes covered in the lecture:

  • Solar geometry
  • Angle of incidence (observation angle?), elevation, azimuth
  • Latitude
  • Relationship between building design and solar geometry, concepts of passive cooling and heating, ample natural light
  • Buildings location and its effects
  • Building HVAC and ensuring its relevance and impact on human health
  • Relationship between solar geometry and the use of renewable energy equipment

Last 30 minutes are meant for testing models on a Heliodon stand. The team whose solution best satisfies the conditions will win 100€ courtesy of AS Paide MEK.