CAD Master

Individual Competition
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Have you ever thought how the idea of magnificent skyscrapers comes into reality? If your answer is yes, then come and test your abilities on the computer drawing competition. Drafting is one of the important skills for every engineer. Both high school and college students are expected, prior experience with AutoCAD drawing is helpful.

Before the competition, every participant is given a short overview about the main tools and modes in AutoCAD software. Competition is individual, contestants are evaluated on their speed and accuracy/punctuality. The competitors are given a printed floor plan and front view of a house. The same blueprint in computer is unfinished. Contestants have to add missing details on the computer drawing (for example: walls with thick lines, images of doors and windows with fine lines, all the numbers and measurements) and calculate the surface area of every room.
Every correct element gives one point, for every mistake or missing element a penalty point is taken from the final score. Contestants have one hour to finish the exercise, faster completion gives extra points. Winner will be rewarded by EEL.

Come, test yourself and find out, whether a future designer hides in you!