Introduction to BIM

10:00 am - 10:45 am

Bhargav Dave

Project Specialist - BIMforLean at Aalto University
Dr. Bhargav Dave has several years of research and industrial experience and his areas of expertise are Lean construction, BIM, and IT in construction. Bhargav has worked in the construction industry on projects related to process modeling and improvement, information systems development and implementation as well as knowledge management. Bhargav has a passion for developing new solutions for the construction industry with a view to improve process efficiencies. He is currently responsible for two major projects. The first one involves developing mobile/field applications for the construction industry, specifically from lean production management perspective. The second project relates to research and development of the VisiLean system, with the aim to commercialization of the system. VisiLean is an innovative production management system that integrates lean construction and Building Information Modelling with a view to support site based construction teams. Originally conceived by Bhargav, VisiLean has been under development since 2009.