Paper Bridge – My Paper Can!

Team Competition
11:15 am - 1:15 pm

Famous bridges like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Tower Bridge have fascinated people throughout history and made quite many of us think about how to make something so powerful. Are you able to handle the construction of a bridge? What if you have to make it out of paper?

Put together a three-member team and test your skills in bridge building. In the competition you have to make a bridge of the given materials and the distance between the supports has to be 50 cm. Every team is given 50 sheets of A4 copy paper and 2 glue sticks. Your own materials can not be used!

  1. Supports can be used for holding vertical loads only. Horizontal support of the bridge is not allowed.
  2. Bridge’s roadway must be at least 5 cm in width.
  3. The load is applied to the bridge precisely at the center of its span.
  4. If two bridges break at the same load, the bridge which weights less wins.
  5. One of the team members will load their bridge until it breaks.

Bridges which meet the criteria are allowed to be tested. Bridges are tested for load capacity and the team whose bridge carries the most load wins. Three best teams will be awarded. Prizes are awarded by Maru Ehitus.

NB! The bridge must be designed so that the loading device (pictured below) can be used.

Be quick! Only 15 fastest teams make into the competition!