Concrete Factor

Team Competition
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Expected are three-member teams, whose task is to prepare the strongest concrete test pieces. Team, who made the strongest sample, will be awarded! To win, we recommend to do a bit of preliminary work and use our offered additional options.

Show schedule:

April 26th at 14:00, parking lot near TUT student house – the first round of the competition, concrete mixing and preparation of test pieces.
April 27th 11:00–12:00, TUT laboratory III-113 — removing the test pieces from moulds and cleaning the moulds, presence of at least one team member is required.
May 24th at 13:00, TUT laboratory III-112 — the second round of the competition, the testing of test pieces and rewarding.

Competition conditions:
  • Teams must have three students from the Faculty of Civil Engineering.
  • The organizers have ensured water, limestone and granite gravel, sand and cement. If desired, it is possible to use your own materials, however, the binder must be cement.
  • The competitors are required to make at least one three-part mould (10x10x10), you can make or bring your own mould or borrow the mould from the organizers.
  • The use of chemical additives is allowed. If desired, you can bring your own chemical additives. (Any reinforcement is forbidden.)
  • Teams who do not clean their moulds are not allowed to the testing!

If desired, it is possible to view and pre-treat the materials we offer.