The BuildIT conference and competition take place in Tallinn University of Technology, under the pine forests of Western Tallinn. The academic, yet youthful environment has the makings of an educative and fun weekend.


Tallinn University of Technology, founded in 1918, is the only technological university in Estonia and the leading academic institution in engineering, business and public administration. Around 14 500 students attend TUT, 900 of whom are foreign students. The University has eight faculties, 35 departments and 112 chairs. Subjects are taught in Estonian, English and Russian. TUT is the only campus-style university in Estonia – its 18 study buildings and 6 dormitories are located on 55.5 hectares under the pine forests of Mustamäe district.
The Faculty of Civil Engineering in Tallinn Tech offers five specialties – Architecture, Civil and Building Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transport Engineering and Logistics. Several renowned Estonian architecture and construction experts share their knowledge with students and practical skills can be obtained in modern laboratories. The Logistics curriculum gives a bachelor’s degree in three years, other curricula give a master’s degree after five years of engineering studies. The Student Council of the Faculty of Civil Engineering brings together the most active students, who want to develop the future of the Faculty.